“A marriage of avant-garde literature and powerful dharma.”
Jeff Carrera, Spiritual teacher and author of The Path of Spiritual Breakthrough
“This is truly the best description I’ve ever read of this process. The most beautiful writing.”
Hilary Stuart, Naturopathic Physician and Creator of Illuminated Healing Systems

“Zachary gifts us with a vulnerable and vibrant storytelling of the most profound and timeless human journey. Riveting. Timely.”

Sarah Marshank, Author of Being Selfish: My Journey from Escort to Monk to Grandmother

“A glorious ride! I was caught in the story, in the stream., in the love of transformation and what it takes to really transform. The incredible humor of it! It made me remember the horrible experiences of shedding conditioning. I didn’t want to put it down. I found it thrilling to read.”

Shannon Pernetti, co-author of The Treasure Within: An Archetypal Unfolding to Your Infinite Potential
“Zachary takes us along on a hero’s journey on the path to enlightenment. This labor of love is fully consummated—thoughtful, intense and richly developed. Through sensitive and selective attention to detail he succeeds in evoking both the external, physical and the internal, mental context of the stations along the way. It is the next best thing to being there.”
Dr Gerry Brown, former Director of the L.P. Cookingham Institute of Public Affairs, Henry W. Bloch School of Management

“Is it a novel? Nonfiction? A self help guide? Or is it more a capitulation of the ultimate journey that few of us recognize within ourselves, and even fewer dare to traverse? Zachary describes a life that many of us dream for and the eventual realization that those fantasies never fill the wounds we carry, leaving us in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction (that few are honest enough to admit to) Zachary’s tome will hit you where it hurts—and that’s a good thing. It will wake you beyond woke, illuminating a path beyond the mind’s “elevator music, only interested in taking us up and down. Up and down” again. And again. A realization that “The game” of life—as we’d come to know it—was “un-winnable” and also, “impossibly attractive.” Zachary’s pickaxe is an internal dismantling, his compass his own wall of pain, and the night goggles are needed to illuminate his own shadow self and the walls of protection around his tender heart. I believe this journey is something we all will eventually face, and given enough literature on the subject, perhaps we can better know that all the pain, frustration, and questioning has a purpose and can be the rudder toward freedom, rather than the enemy we’ve all been taught they are.”

Dave Markowitz, 2x bestselling author of Self Care for the Self Aware and Empathipedia

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